Wednesday, April 21, 2010

That Elemenopee Letter

I'll admit that I occasionally catch myself humming the Alphabet Song  if I need to alphabetize something in that pesky “elemenopee” range. I was reminded of this when a picture book came across my desk this morning that made me laugh out loud. The title: LMNO Peas. Rather than your standard alphabet book with little plot or humor, this title is populated by tiny charismatic peas demonstrating a different letter and oodles of vocabulary on every page. I find the “Y” page, depicting each pea in a yogi pose, particularly delightful.

Understanding letters becomes increasingly important as your child nears school because they are the foundation of written language. Understanding that each letter has its own name and sound is an important part of letter knowledge. Because as many as 25% of the population are tactile or kinesthetic learners (they need to touch and move things to learn), make sure your child has access to letters that he or she can move around and play with. Try pointing to the letters as you sing the Alphabet Song so your child understands that “L,” “M,” “N,” “O” and “P” are their own letters and not just that one “elemenopee" letter.

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