Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Reading is for girls!"

As a librarian, it’s a sentiment that I am all too famiar with, and one that breaks my heart. Worse, and almost always from boys, is the complaint: “Reading is boring.” Studies consistently show that, on average, boys take longer to learn to read and value reading less than girls. I read an article recently on Reading Rockets explaining that families are at the center of the solution to the idea that reading is for girls…especially dads. “There is only one way to change this perception and that is for men both at home and in the community to read aloud to boys and to show that reading is an activity of value.” What a simple, enjoyable (and free!) way to be able to give our boys an advantage in school!

Here’s a start:

1. Encourage and support his reading choices, whether they are non-fiction, magazines, graphic novels or sports titles.

2. Stop in and take a look at our booklist The Guys Guide to Books that Aren’t Lame.

3. Look at Jon Sczieska’s website, Guys Read, for excellent practical strategies and anything-but-lame book titles.

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