Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Picture books are so five minutes ago.

Or so this article would have us believe:
Picture Books No Longer a Staple for Children

It details how both parental pressure to read “big-kid” chapter books, and the variety of digital media available to children have caused a decrease in the number of picture books published each year.

The article leaves out the importance of libraries in the world of picture book publishing. While there are parents who pressure their children to read older books sooner, there are also those that can’t afford the steep price of purchasing picture books. Those individuals rely on the library to provide them with free picture books that are more than just “books with pictures.”

Picture books engage children in a way that no other media can. They contain three times as many rare (or unfamiliar) words as adults typically use when talking to children under the age of five. They also help children understand cause and effect and prepare them for the reading comprehension tests they will face throughout their school years.

On top of all of this they are hilarious, comforting, exciting, moving, physical art-objects that may just be one of the last bastions of childhood left today.

For a fabulous example of just how great picture books can be, check out Mo Willem's latest!

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