Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Picture Book Prescription

Sometimes what ails a young child is beyond the scope of baby aspirin or dimetapp. When children suffer the loss of a pet, a friend, or worst of all, a family member, we struggle with helping them make sense of their feelings when they are only just learning to name them.

Picture books can offer a great deal of comfort to children dealing with grief or loss.  Stories range from ones about the death of a pet to losing a grandparent and include developmentally appropriate emotions like anger and saddness. Sebastian Loth’s Remembering Crystal is a small book, perfect for little hands, with a comforting message about how Zelda, a young goose, deals with the passing of her elderly turtle friend, Crystal.

If you or a little one you know is in need of picture books dealing with grief, or other tough topics like divorce, diversity, or bullying, visit the children’s room. While our recommendations can’t do what the comfort of a loving adult can, they are a place to start.

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