Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Investing In Our Kids

Learning to read is one of the most fundamental requirements for academic success.  Most of us can agree on at least that much.  How to facilitate and fund that learning process is another matter entirely.  While this is debated on the national stage, educational funding prepares for yet another round on the chopping block. 

The library is an integral part of any educational community and independent research proves just how crucial school and public library funding is to a child's academic success.  Stephen Abrams, a library innovator and advocate, posted a powerful summary of this key research his blog, Stephen's Lighthouse.

One of his most important points is that "The major item that affects low reading scores and school performance is poverty.  Even at the worst levels of poverty, the library is free and everyone is welcome."  Cutting funding for school and public libraries affects everyone but hits our children hardest.  It is our responsibility as parents, educators, librarians, and concerned citizens to be informed about the research and be vocal about the investment we make in our children's future. 

For more meaningful examples of how libraries affect student achievement visit his blog which also contains links to the Federal Education Budget Project.

And, get your children excited about advocacy by teaching them that you don't have to be big to make a big difference!

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