Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All this chicken wants to do is help!

Poor Deborah Freedman is almost finished with a lovely picture book when a little chicken from her drawing wants to help by painting the barn blue.  An ink pot spills paint all over little chicken and the picture book pages, turning the ducklings, a disgruntled cat and a very alarmed cow a bold shade of blue.  The concept of picture book characters coming alive propels this mad-cap mess across beautiful full-bleed pages to the jar of water used by the "helpful" chicken to wash off the book and his farmyard friends. 

Freedman's originality and expressive illustrations make this title perfect for using to take a picture book walk with your child.  This reading technique is great for using with younger children and involves talking about what is happening on each page based on the pictures before worrying about the words in the story.  Take a walk with Blue Chicken and you and your little one might be inspired to do water colors of your own!

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