Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's a Fact!

Is your child too wiggly to sit still so you can read together? Maybe you need some attention-grabbers. Try nonfiction! When you satisfy your child’s natural curiosity with books, motivation is built right in, and you establish the idea that books can be sources of learning for fun.  And after all, kids develop their own interests as they grow, so why not respond to them?

Is your child curious about that new house being built next door? How about a construction alphabet book
Are you getting questions about the butterflies in your garden, or the ladybug that landed on your little girl’s hand? We’ve got books on those, too, as well as castles and princesses, garbage trucks, ponies – you name it! There are also whole nonfiction series appropriate to share with toddlers and preschoolers, for example, Pebble Plus or, for more detail, Kingfisher Young Knowledge. Both are beautifully illustrated for extra kid appeal, and include lots of kid-friendly topics.

Information books are grouped by topic on library shelves, so you can browse those special areas with your child. If your browsing time is limited, you can print out and drop off a Personalized Reading Request, and let us identify books for you and your child to enjoy together. You can then place holds on your choices.

Does your child have a favorite information book? What is it? Guest post by Joyce F.

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