Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Under Pressure

No, I'm not referring to the amount of pressure kids (and parents) are under these days.  I'm talking about an amazing literacy tool that contains 75 pressure sensors in every 3/4 square inch and is attached to the end of your arm!  Understanding the anatomy of your child's tiny hands can help you appreciate what hard work learning to hold a pencil is.

Among other amazing things, the pressure sensors in our hands tell our brains how hard to grip objects.  For example, I hold a glass full of water more tightly than a Styrofoam cup full of the same amount of water because these pressure sensors "remember" the grip strength required to keep me from crushing or dropping the cup.  For children learning to write, using writing materials that are resistive (require you to press harder) strengthens both the muscles and muscle memory. 
Use crayons instead of magic markers and chalk instead of dry erase markers to help strengthen their little fingers and get them so used to writing letters that eventually they'll be able to do it with their eyes closed!

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