Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Time Flies

Wow! There are only a few days left in September and then hopefully, fall will be just around the corner. But what in the world happened to June and July? This so reminds me of something I always tell my Lapsit parents and Toddler parents the first week or two of story times. They are sitting there holding a six or seven month old baby or trying to hold a two year old and I say to them, “I know it sounds silly to talk about reading and writing at this time but the next couple years are going to fly by and soon you will be putting them on the bus for kindergarten. Really, I promise!” And if this is their first child, they don’t believe me, but other parents who have done this more than once back me up. It is so important at this age to read, sing and talk to you child. Point out colors, shapes, and count things like how many Cheerios are on their highchair tray.
Little ones love pictures of other little children, bright colors, familiar items (like puppies and kittens), and books that are fuzzy, bumpy, or make noise. We have so many of these great books in the Children’s room. Make it a fun habit to read to your child at least once or twice every day - more if you can.
Remember, children who are read to have a larger vocabulary, longer attention spans, higher achievement, and better language skills when they enter kindergarten and how great is that!!!! And don’t forget it’s just around the corner. Guest post by Pam R.

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