Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Oh, how I love books about friendship! In this adorable new one, Ribbit! by Rodrigo Folgueira, a family of frogs finds a pig sitting on a rock in the middle of its pond. When the frogs question the pig about what he might be doing in the pond, he replies, “ribbit!” The frogs don’t know what to think. Is he confused? Is he making fun of them? Did they hear him correctly?

When all the other animals hear about this pig who thinks he is a frog, they hurry to see him. They can’t believe their ears! Finally, after some laughing, shouting, and thinking, they decide to go find the wise old beetle so that he can tell them what to do.

The beetle has a hard time understanding the problem, since all of the animals are talking at once. Even so, he agrees to go with them to see the strange pig. But, when they arrive back at the pond, the pig is gone. “Maybe he just wanted to make new friends,” says the beetle. The animals feel a little sad that they hadn’t thought of that on their own.

Sure enough, in the branch of a nearby tree full of birds, was the pig. He wasn’t saying “ribbit” anymore, though. Now he was saying, “tweet!” The book ends with pig and all of the other animals up in the tree, and they’re all saying, “tweet!”

You’ll love this sweet story of friendship and reaching out to those who may seem different, and your kids will love to laugh at the silly animal sounds. It’s a win-win! J

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