Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Happy first day of school, Centerville! In honor of the start of a new school year, I thought I’d share one of my favorite back-to-school books, Eddie Gets Ready for School, by David Milgrim.

The book is a checklist that the main character, Eddie, makes for getting ready for school on his own. Most of the items on the checklist aren’t all that amusing by themselves, but paired with the silly illustrations, they’re hilarious! For instance, the illustration accompanying the first checklist item, “wake up,” shows Eddie shouting into a megaphone and his parents and dog flying in the air, startled by the wake-up call. Another picture, this time corresponding to “get dressed,” shows Eddie looking at himself in a mirror while holding a sword and shield and sporting pajama pants, a cape, and an underwear “helmet.” You and your little one will surely laugh aloud at Eddie’s antics and will have lots to discuss about how not to get ready for school!

While we’re on the topic of David Milgrim books, I want mention his newest one that just arrived at our library. Some Monsters Are Different is adorably illustrated and describes traits of different monsters: “Some monsters are afraid. Some are not. Some monsters love to dance. Some like to watch.” The end of the book serves to celebrate all of these differences by saying: “…All monsters are absolutely, positively, completely, perfectly wonderful…just the way they are!” It’s a terrific reminder for your child of how special he is, no matter what he's like. In addition, it’s a great one for the beginning of the school year, showing that everyone is different and that’s a GOOD thing!

Best wishes for a school year filled with excitement, learning, joy, exploration, and of course, reading!

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