Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mo's Mustache

If your family has been swept up in the “Movember” craze like we have at our library (Seriously, come check out our mustache pictures on the bulletin board in the children’s room!), then you’re sure to love Ben Clanton’s new book, Mo’s Mustache.

The book’s main character, Mo, just got a brand new mustache. Obviously thrilled, he shows it off to all of his friends, who are equally excited about their buddy’s new facial hair: “I say! What a splendid mustache. Nicely trimmed!” To Mo’s surprise, the next time he sees his pals, they’re all sporting new mustaches. Mo’s not amused. Feeling less than special, he decides, after agonizing over it, to send his mustache back.

To fill the void left by his mustache, Mo gets a brand new, beautiful, cozy scarf. And, do you know what happens when his friends see his scarf? You guessed it—they get scarves of their own! Mo’s entire body turns from yellow to bright red as he yells: “WHY IS EVERYBODY COPYING ME?!” His buddies explain: “You’re a visionary. You’re top-notch. A gentleman of style.”

Mo hadn’t really considered this explanation and looks a little sheepish. After telling his friends that he thinks that they have great style, too, Mo comes up with an idea—a fashion show! The book ends with Mo and all of his buddies, happy as can be, decked out in mustaches, scarves, and all sorts of other “fashionable” items.

Not only is this book hilarious, it’s a great lesson for kids who haven’t yet grasped the idea that imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery. Come check out this gem before Movember ends! J

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