Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Extraordinary Jane

In a family full of talented circus performers, anyone might feel a little less than spectacular. For Jane, a little white dog whose mother dances gracefully atop horses, whose tiny father is strong enough to lift an enormous elephant, whose brothers bravely get shot out of cannons, and whose sisters can fearlessly balance in a pyramid formation on a tightrope, feeling extraordinary is especially difficult. She does try hard to find her special talent, but after many failed attempts, including “the whole balancing ball disaster,” Jane is forced back to her reality. “Jane was just Jane.” Fortunately, being a “really good dog” is enough for Jane’s owner, the ringmaster, whose actions and facial expressions depict nothing but love and adoration for his little dog.

Hannah E. Harrison’s beautifully illustrated story, Extraordinary Jane, sends a clear message that it doesn’t take some incredible talent to be special and worthy of love. What a beautiful lesson for any child or anyone at all, really.

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