Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Simples Love a Picnic

Since the weather outside has started to look a little more appropriate for the current season, I thought I’d share one of my favorite new books about one of my favorite things to do in springtime—have a picnic! J.C. Phillipps, author of Monkey Ono, wrote this fabulously hilarious story, The Simples Love a Picnic.

After Dad comes up with the idea, Dad, Mom, Ben, and Lulu Simple decide to have a picnic, and Mom explains to the kids what it is: “A picnic is when you pack food in a basket, spread out the blanket, and eat on the ground.” Sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong. Other than a torrential downpour, pretty much everything that could possibly go wrong at a picnic does for those poor Simples. A bird attack, a mess from melted ice cream, an ant invasion, and a series of balls and other sports equipment flying right at them are just a few of the picnic mishaps. To be honest, I think the Simples need their own hashtag: #Simplepicnicproblems.

After their picnic dreams are crushed, the Simples head home, exhausted, dejected, and presumably injured. That’s when Ben remembers how Mom had described a picnic, and he saves the day with a brilliant idea.

I’ve honestly read this book four times so far, and each time, I find something else in one of the pictures that has me almost in tears with laughter. Read this book with your kids, enjoy a good belly laugh, and then plan your own picnic. Here’s hoping that it goes better for you than it did for the Simples and that J.C. Phillipps allows the Simples to entertain us in future adventures!

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