Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Perfect Place for Ted

Ted is a smart, wide-eyed, well-dressed dog who “did his best to make a good impression.” Even so, he’d been at the pet store for as long as he could remember. With all of the dogs there, nobody noticed him. Feeling like he didn’t belong, Ted went in search of “somewhere perfect.” 

His travels landed him in the circus, in a pet pageant, and at work as a guard dog. Sadly for Ted, he went unnoticed in each place. Disheartened and feeling like he didn’t belong anywhere, Ted headed back to the pet store. Along the way, he spotted a little girl hanging up wanted posters, in search of a “furry friend.” Ted’s attempt to make a good impression worked, and the little girl, Dot, noticed him! Ted and Dot became fast friends, and when they arrived at Dot’s house, Ted thought: “This is where I belong…” A little plot twist at the end shows the inside of Dot’s house filled with felines and Ted lying down on a pile of cats in his new, “puuuurrrrrfect” home. This charming dog will have you and your little ones rooting for him from start to finish. Come in today and check out this sweet story, A PerfectPlace for Ted, by Leila Rudge.

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