Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Start the Conversation!

Talking, one of the five early literacy practices, is crucial for vocabulary-building and overall reading success. Because children learn words by hearing them, it’s important to talk often to your little ones of any age. Even tiny babies’ language development is greatly improved by having someone talk to them frequently. Here are a few ideas of ways to start more conversations with your children:

-After reading, ask your child questions about the book you’ve just finished.

-As you’re driving in the car, talk about what you see on the road or where you’re going and what will happen there. Be descriptive!

-When going about daily routines, like dressing, bathing, cooking, or brushing teeth, talk about everything you’re doing and why.

-If your child goes to a day care or school, ask questions about his day. If he responds with a yes, no, or couple-word answer, re-phrase your question or ask follow-up questions to keep the conversation going.

Don’t forget to give your child a chance to chime in or respond. Since children generally require a longer response time than adults, make sure to be patient while your little one is coming up with an answer!

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