Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Rhymoceros, by Janik Coat, is a fun, new board book that features an adorable rhyming rhinoceros. The words on each two-page spread rhyme and are illustrated on the pages. On one page, the rhymoceros is lifting heavy weights with the word “strong” underneath. On the adjacent page, music notes flow from the mouth of the rhymoceros, representing “song.” The illustrations are cute; some, like “bumpy” and “furry,” have neat touch-and-feel effects.

Since this is a board book, it’s sturdy enough to use with your littlest readers, but it’s a fun one for preschoolers or even kindergartners, too. Some of the rhyming words might be new ones that will help build vocabulary, like “frilly,” “daring,” “quilted,” and “mossy.” Plus, working on rhymes with kids of all ages is important, since hearing rhymes helps kids break down the sounds in words.

If you like Rhymoceros, you might also like Coat’s other book, Hippopposites. Can you guess what that one’s about? J

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