Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Perfect Day

This is a simple, repetitive tale of several animals enjoying a perfect day. Cat’s perfect day includes lying in the flower bed in the sun; Dog enjoys sitting in a wading pool full of water; and Chickadee and Squirrel are eating birdseed and a corncob provided by their young friend Bert. All of a sudden, a bear comes on the scene and ruins everyone’s perfect day. He eats the corncob and birdseed, drinks the water in the wading pool, and flattens the flowerbed. As Bert and the four animals watch the sleeping bear from inside the house, the story ends with: "It was a perfect day for Bear." The illustrations use muted colors, show movement and texture through brush strokes, and are gentle, charming, and hilarious as the bear smiles with the corncob stuck in his mouth and ruins the flower bed while making snow angels. The repetition in the story makes this a good book for beginning readers.

A Perfect Day by Lane Smith is a humorous story that is sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike!

Guest post by Allison C.

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