Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Slobber Not Included

Babies explore their environment by touching, tasting and playing. This includes books! Our library children’s room has specially designed book displays that hold our books low to the ground for your children to explore. We also have a pretend book drop to encourage imaginative play.

Because board books have sturdier pages, they are designed to withstand the inquisitive hands (and slobber) of a baby or toddler. It’s OKAY if your baby bangs his/her book on the floor, tastes it or puts it enthusiastically in our book drop! These positive interactions will help your child become familiar with and learn to enjoy books. Look for the The Baby Hustle  for its unique interactive elements!

Hint: If you are ever trying to locate books with flaps or moveable parts, search for Toy and Moveable Books as a keyword in our catalog - we have hundreds!

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