Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

If you're a little boy in one of these two picture books, your daddy is a pretty good sport. 

In Mitchell's License the title character uses his dad as a racecar when it's time for bed.  It takes some practice to get the hang of driving around a grown up, including one fender bender (Dad's nose against a wall), and some practice pulling on his ear to go in reverse.  Tony Fucile's illustrations perfectly capture this pajama-clad father and son duo and show that even the most basic rituals can be turned into a sporting event.

Daddy Adventure Day is told from the perspective of an energetic brown-haired boy who manages to rouse his sleepy father at 4:45am for an adventure day.  They attend the boy's first baseball game and the day is full of surprises for both of them.  The boy's humorous reminders that there are no cell phone calls to work and no newspaper reading on Daddy Adventure Day keep dad in check while the father's patience with his son's ballpark snack spills help give the adventure a realistic and comforting feel.

Share these with the sports-loving fathers and sons in your life...or the ones who are just good sports.   

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