Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Toof is Loothe

I give you a trio of tooth books.  These stories are not your average tooth fairy fair, and are perfect for sharing with children who have started losing their teeth.
Bear's Loose Tooth is the latest bear book from dynamic author/illustrator duo Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman.  As with previous books, bear has a problem that his cadre of forest friends try to help him solve.  This time, you guessed it, they take turns trying to relieve him of his wiggly tooth.  Instead of money, this bear's tooth fairy leaves a delicious plate of ripe blueberries.

April and Esme Tooth Fairies is a tale about a tooth fairy family and two sisters who are eager to join the family business by going out on their own tooth run.  A glimpse into their tooth fairy abode and interesting info about the strategies and pitfalls of tooth-collecting will make this one a favorite even among those with all their teeth.

The Tooth Fairy Meets El Raton Perez exposes a new audience to a legendary Latino character. The tooth fairy gets a run for her money from an adventurous mouse as they decide whose job it really is to retrieve the tooth from Miguelito, a Mexican-American boy.  This story provides a fun way to introduce folktales from other cultures by using a topic familiar to young children.

Whether your children have all their teeth or are starting to lose their baby ones, these three stories will give everyone something to smile about.

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