Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A little of this and that

This evening, as I perused our new book cart, drawing out the delicious window-shopping of never-been-cracked spines, three books stood out among the rest.  Rather than choosing one and returning the other two to their respective resting places, I give you an odd but satisfying assortment...a goulash of new books, if you will.

First, Step Gently Out, did as the title suggests.  Supported by the pure, simple poetic verse and lush photographs of insects, it's a shining example of non-fiction that is perfect for sharing with very young bug lovers.
Second, Lucy Rescued reminded me of the two giant lay-a-bout greyhounds who claim carpet real estate at my house.  Instead of the same tired pet shop storyline, this one's just right for a family who is adopting a dog and trying to help it settle into the family.
And finally, Nobunny's Perfect, a title new to board book format, made me think of my own new little bunny.  Full of perfect rhyming style, Dewdney pays homage to one of the greatest authors of bunny mischief in a dedication that reads, "with gratitude to Beatrix Potter, who knew bad bunny behavior when she saw it."
Now to get these treats to the shelf where they can be savored by another reader...

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