Tuesday, April 10, 2012

There's an app for that!

It seems like there is a smartphone app for just about everything these days.  You've probably heard of apps for recipes, photo sharing, exercising and even practical joking, but there are also apps for books AND apps made solely for children.  Picture book apps are of particular interest to me because I love getting kids to participate in the stories I read aloud.  Wouldn't it be cool if they could become part of the story they are reading through an app?

Knowing I'm excited about apps like this, a fellow storyteller showed me an article called What Makes a Good Picture Book App? The author gives readers idea of what to look for in a quality picture book app as well as a list of some of the best ones out there.  When browsing the app store or previewing a book app online, the article suggests we should ask ourselves:  Is it interactive but not too interactive?  Does it withstand repeated use?  Does it add to the overall experience of the original book?  Is it easy to use?  And, my personal favorite: Does it provide a surprising and joyful experience? 

Take a peek at a few of the suggested picture book apps, especially the one based on Sandra Boynton's Going to Bed Book, and get ready for some joyful surprises indeed!

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