Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Septuplets, which is like twins only there are seven.

Kazuo Iwamura's adorable rodents return for a summer adventure in Seven Little Mice Go to the Beach.  In this installment, the family gets ready for a trip to the beach and Father insists on making seven life preservers.  He ties a rope to each one saying, "You children are good little swimmers, but we need to be safe in the water."  His concern is a bit of foreshadowing because he's the one who ends up stranded on a rock when the tide comes in during his afternoon nap.  Quick thinking on the part of Mother and the children results in a creative rescue and Father admits, sheepishly, "Now it's time for me to take swimming lessons!"
The individuality of each tiny mouse, down to their miniature shoes, makes pouring over each page a delight.  I'm partial to this series because the message is always understated.  I don't like to be bludgeoned with a moral, ease me into it with powerful artwork and simple text.  This could easily be used to talk about swim safety, how even grown-ups don't know how to do everything, or in preparation for a family vacation.

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