Wednesday, May 23, 2012

An Awesome Book!

Really, that's the title and it actually lives up to the claim.  It begins, "There are places in the world where people do not dream...of rocket-powered unicorns* and candy cane machines."  Originally self-published by a dad who vaguely resembles Scooby's side-kick in skinny jeans, this book took off online and became a word of mouth phenomenon before Harper Collins decided it would be awesome to publish it. 

If you're tired of giving Oh, the Places You'll Go! to every graduating senior in your life, try gifting this one instead.  This story's origins lend an air of authenticity to the "dream big" message.  But unlike Dr. Seuss's classic, this one is short enough to share with even your youngest dreamers.  The author and illustrator, Dallas Clayton, also has a website where you can view the book in its entirety for free, which I think we can all agree, is awesome indeed. 

*The author has trademarked rocket-powered unicorns, so don't dream that particular dream.

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