Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Anything is Possible

Anything is Possible is the story of a sheep who believed just that. After watching birds flying high above him in the sky, the sheep thought: “How lucky they are! They can choose how they look at things: from far away, from up close, or from somewhere in between.” And so he set out to build his own flying machine, enlisting the help of a wolf.

The wolf was not too optimistic, though. “Do you think it’s that simple?!” he asked the sheep. Even so, the sheep was finally able to convince him to help. Together they fashioned their flying machine out of fabric and rods, but unfortunately, the fabric wasn’t strong enough.

Their second attempt, using balloons to carry them, failed when birds popped the balloons. The wolf was ready to give up: “This is never going to work!” But they decided to try again anyway. And, sure enough, the third time was a charm!

The final page of the book shows the sheep and wolf flying through the air in their flying machine and ends with this: “Someone once wrote that only those who dream learn to fly…The sky before them was wide open.”

Giulia Belloni’s story about perseverance and determination is a great lesson for all ages!

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