Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Feed Their Curiosity!

Young children are naturally curious about the world. The library can help you respond to that wonderful curiosity with nonfiction books and magazines, including lots of resources for kids who aren’t reading on their own yet.

We look for specific features when we buy informational books for kids. For the very young, we look for clear, simple text, preferably in a large font; bright, high-quality illustrations; and the basic components of all good nonfiction: a table of contents, an index, maybe come maps or charts, and in the back of the book, references for further exploration. (Let them see you use these features to help find answers!) Check out these resources for your kids:

Pebble Plus – This big series covers everything from fire engines and monster trucks to pyramids and princesses! Each two-page spread has simple text on one page, and a full-page picture on the facing page. These features make them great choices for exploring your young child’s interests. Because of their layout and text, Pebble Plus books are located on the library’s Reader shelves.

Seedlings – This is a smaller series (13 books so far), but what it does, it does really, really well! Beautiful photography about each topic (think camels, pandas, jets and more) is matched with interesting, age-appropriate text. Some of the photos spread across facing pages! Each book includes a simple word list in the back, and a diagram showing the parts of the topic animal or machine, along with a list for more reading both in books and on the web. Seedlings books are located on the nonfiction shelves.

Zootles, Ranger Rick, Jr., and National Geographic Little Kids – These magazines are all meant to be shared with children from preschool through kindergarten or first grade, and all respond to their curiosity about the natural world, with great photos to draw children’s eyes and their attention. Library magazines can be checked out for a week at a time, but can usually be renewed.

These are just a few of the library resources available to help you respond to your little one’s curiosity. We’d be glad to help you find materials to cover what matters to your child. Come in and explore!

Guest post by Joyce F. 

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