Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Beauty of Baby Sign Language

Using sign language with babies and toddlers is a trend that has taken off in recent years due to the great materials available for parents and the fun it inspires when incorporated into daily routines.  It also gives very young children a way of expressing themselves before they are able to verbally. 

The library is offering a two part workshop for parents and children ages 10-24 months on April 27th and May 4th (registration is required).  The delightful Erin Ditzell from Luv2Sign will show participants signs for  daily activities like going to bed and bath time as well as important signs for feelings and manners.  She is also excited to show parents how to incorporate these signs into fun rhymes and stories for their young children.

Practice your baby sign language with some of the adorable board books we have in our collection like this one! 

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