Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Side of the Car

Dads are silly, and sometimes stubborn, but they have a special way of indulging the wild imaginations and the sweet sassiness of their little girls.  Kate Feiffer's newest book, My Side of the Car, depicts these humorous exchanges between a father and his daughter, who insists that it isn't raining on her side of the car.  Desperate to visit the zoo, Sadie will not be deterred, even by the threat of rain.  The playful illustrations were created by none other than her own father, Jules Feiffer (author and illustrator of the riotously funny Bark, George). 

Did I mention Kate will be hanging out with us at the library next week?  She called today to say that, due to airline luggage restrictions, she wouldn't be able to sneak her father on the plane like we had hoped, but that she's really excited for her trip to Ohio.  Help us give her a warm welcome from 4-5pm on May 5th at the Centerville Library and stick around for a special book signing!

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