Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The smell of honey and sunny days.

Norris, being a wise bear, waits patiently under a plorringe tree. Tulip and Violet (an inquisitive mouse and a snoopy raccoon) clamber down a tree branch stretching their little paws closer toward the mystery fruit.  They listen to it (it didn't make a sound), they smell it (you can guess what it smells like), they hug it (it feels soft like cotton candy) and finally, when stretching their little pink tongues to find out what it tastes like, they cause the fruit to fall with a "WHOMP!" onto Norris' expectant head. 

Norris peels the delicious fruit and decides to share it with the curious duo who helped do the picking.  Because, "Well, Norris was wise.  And he was also kind." 

The artwork and simple storyline from Scottish Catherine Rayner is nothing short of delicious.  Save this one for a sunny-smelling day.  It's the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon snack of juicy peaches. 

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